Success Stories

From the clutches of AIDS/TB to pursuing bachelor's

The incredible story of Sai.

Sai’s parents passed away when he was 13. From then, his neighbour took care of him. Sai often got sick but he was never properly diagnosed. After becoming terribly sick, after 2 years, his diagnosis showed that he possessed HIV and TB. His caretakers asked us to take the kid in our home or they have no option except to send him in a train into an unknown place. Sai had been affected by TB along with HIV and it was a challenge to take care of him as TB is highly contagious. We built a separate small room and provided treatment. After 24 months, he completely recovered and now is a joyous kid. He is currently pursuing his bachelors and also helps the home as a volunteer. Sai’s transformation is nothing short of an achievement for us and a source of pride too.

A deprived kid into a bunch of joy.

SRTE & ICW Society shows how love and affection could turn a sick child into happiness.

In 2017, we got a referral from the local government hospital informing us that a one-year old kid was admitted by her mother but left her without any intimation. The initial condition of sathwika sent us beyond shock. She was full of wrinkles and was deprived of any nutrition or medicines by her mother. We took the kid in and provided her with nutritious food and medicine. sathwika is now 2.5 years old and totally healthy. She is one of the most active kids now and charms us every day with her beautiful smile. We and our kids raise her with extreme love and affection. We consider this as yet another milestone of our home.

From rags to a happy life

The story of Dwaraka and how she was rescued by SRTE & ICW Society

We encountered a HIV infected child Dwaraka aged 14 whose father had passed away and mother was handicap. Because of poverty they had built a house using cargo clothes under a tree. After being informed about their struggles, we visited them and built a pucca house which provides them a safe shelter. Their happy tears gave us immense joy and satisfaction. We currently provide nutrition and financial support to Dwaraka and her mother.


  • AASHA Best NGO award 2005
  • YSR Seva puraskhar award 2013
  • Rotary Vocational professional excellence award 2018
  • CWC certificate of excellence award 2016
  • AP wg.dt Best woman award 2017
  • Certificate of appreciation from Lions club eluru 2017
  • Certificate of appreciation from DAPCU 2015