Studies have shown that children infected with HIV/ AIDS have a high chance of communicating with Tuberculosis (T.B). There are high chances this will lead to death if proper treatment and care is not provided. In the past we have seen our kids got TB and suffered. Even though TB is curable, we need to give utmost care to these kids while treating them. In addition, TB is highly contagious and we need to keep these kids in a separate block.

We conduct T.B test to children in our home possessing T.B symptoms in Government Hospital. If test report gives positive, they are qualified for T.B and they will be under the direct observation treatment (DOT). Doctors check-up for these children regularly.

We struggled hard for almost a decade to construct a Tuberculosis block for kids who suffer from TB in addition to suffering from HIV/AIDS. With the gracious help of KEATS (Kakinada Engineering Alumni Trust for Service), we built a separate block which was inaugurated by IAS Khatameni bhaskar rao garu. We started giving wholesome services to HIV + TB kids from 2019. We also have plans to take kids from outside our home having HIV+TB and release them once TB is cured.