Ravi Teja children home is a Charitable home which provides complete care and support to HIV/AIDS infected children and their wellbeing which includes


A good ambience is very much required for these kids. We provide separate dormitories for boys and girls with good bedding facilities. We provide inverter in case of power failure, mosquito mats and air conditioners for summer. We have separate water bore for daily use. We have water plant for drinking water which will further processed to purifier and softener for this kids. To take care of the children’s safety, we use CCTV cameras.

Health care & Medical Aid (includes ART treatment)

People infected by HIV loose there immunity, in most cases they suffer from long standard chronical infections like TB, brain tumour & spinal cord infections, wasting syndrome. Because of their low immunity power, they would not fight these infections and that sequentially lead to death. Apart from above due to their low immunity power, they will get opportunistic infections easily like fever, skin problems, vomiting, mouth ulcers etc., for which we need to give a quality treatment immediately. We take utmost care when children get opportunistic infections and we sincerely thank Dr GS Prasad (paediatric, gold medallist) for helping us in treating the children.

As of the date there is no cure for HIV/AIDS. All we can do is expand their life by ART Treatment. ART treatment can increase their immunity and control the HIV Viral load, due to which the infected HIV people can fight the infections and can live longer. However, ART treatment is very costly but fortunately Govt of india is distributing the medicine for free of cost. Our home kids are being treated by ART doctors Dr UVN Sastry and DR Smt Sailaja (S.M.O) and we are extremely thankful to them.

We should give ART medicine to these little kids daily without fail. CD 4 count test is conducted on periodical basis to check their immunity levels in government hospital.

Diet and Nutrition

A healthy diet is very important to HIV/AIDS kids to help increasing their immunity levels. The virus weakens the immune system. The human body uses nutrients to keep up its defences against germs. Consuming nutritious food helps them in multiple ways. It battles infections, boosts energy, increases immunity, reduces health complications and most importantly reduce the impacts/consequences of the HIV and its treatment brings.

We provide lots of fruits and vegetables which are high in nutrients and antioxidants, which protect their immune system. We give proper meals every day which includes variety of nutrition support and we ensure children take egg, milk, meat, fish, carbohydrates, lot of fluids etc. on regular basis.


We have children from 1st class to degree. We provide education up to elementary standard in our home with teaching staff, later on from high school they go to ZPHS high school for which proper transportation facility is being provided. We also support children in pursuing higher education and helping them achieve their dreams. We provide all types of education material as well as stationery like pens, pencils, note books etc., We have been conducting various co-curricular activities and awarding prizes for drawing competitions, essay writings, elocution competition, class merit prizes etc. We have an in-house library which has various types of books like general knowledge, moral stories, good behaviour etc.


As we can understand psychological peace is important to extend their life, we provide ample of opportunities for recreational activities like watching movies, playing different kinds of sports with equipment, drawing competitions etc.,

We have a small Park inside our premises with playground equipment for our children where they play during their break timings. We take them to recreational trips every year to nearby tourist places. We conduct cultural activities every month, when home based care kids comes to our home for taking the nutrition. We also ensure children indulge in exercise and yoga regularly.

More importantly, we strive to provide service to these kids with love and affection which they are deprived of. These children are admitted to Ravi Teja children home with HIV/AIDS problem. Most of these children lost their parents to HIV/AIDS during their infancy/childhood. They further had been ostracised by their relatives and friends, either due to misconceptions or due to lack of financial support. Hence apart from meeting their physical needs, we deem it utmost important to care for them with love, affection and respect.